Collection: Songs, Sung and Unsung

I am more of a poet than a songwriter, but back in the first few years of my stay in Korea, I played with a rock band. After our first album, our lead guitarist/vocalist and primary songwriter declared he was tired of writing songs and suggested others take up the slack. I produced several songs, of which two ended up on our second album, “Product.” (One previously published poem had ended up as a “spoken word” performance on a track on our first album, as well.) Not all the songs I wrote got recorded or performed, but I have them all here nonetheless. Perhaps someday they’ll get turned into real, audible songs too.

Panopticon (Live From Madison Street Jail)

Happy Ajummas

Pangloss’ Apothecary

The Deep End


The Jeonju Zoo (Song Version)


Bodhi-Dharma’s Work Song