Poetry & Songs

Few people know that when I began writing creatively, I didn’t just start with short stories — I also wrote a lot of poems. Many of those were lost, many more aren’t worth sharing; a few have been published — and most of those appear here — but many others have not been published. At present it seems impracticable for me to send them out — postage rates from Korea to Canada, the US, and Britain being what they are, and poetry publications mainly being non-publishing — but I do want to share them, so here they are.

The poems and songs here are grouped into specific categories, to give each sub-collection some shape and coherence.


Lines from Saskatoon and Montreal

Excerpts from Taiping!

Excerpts from The Dänikbharata


Poems of Korea

Tiger and Monkey

A Traveler’s Lines


Epithalamia & Hymenaioi

Songs, Sung and Unsung