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About This Site

It seems to me that my main webpage, strewn as it is with Youtube clips and graphics and links — a million potential distractions all piled into sidebars and headers and footers — is no place for someone to try to read things like stories and poems.

That’s why I’ve set up this little annex to house pieces of writing not available elsewhere online.

All of the fiction was published prior to its appearance here. Some of the poetry was, in which case its publication information is noted following the poem. Some of these poems are technically unpublished, or, I suppose, since they’re on this page, I suppose they are “self-published.”

Along with a link back to my main website, and to this page, the menu at the bottom of this page outlines the categories into which my work here is collected:

My favorites, and some possible starting points for you in exploring this site, include the following:

— My short stories “Dyscrasia” (published in the Postcards from Hell Series in 2007) and “Junk” (published in Nature in 2007).

— The long-poem “Groan,” which is essentially my take on Allen Ginsberg’s beat-era masterpiece “Howl” as applies to the beatest of the beat in today’s world: expatriate English teachers and other assorted foreign human wreckage in South Korea, circa 2008.

— Two somewhat shorter poems written early in my stay in Korea, of which I remain quite fond:  “Ode to the Competent” and “The Prison Camp”

I plan on adding more content to this site as time goes by, so be sure to check back (or subscribe to the RSS feed) if you like what you see here. (I’ll also make an announcement on my main website when I make additions here.) And of course, be sure to check my main site for work that is forthcoming, or recently published!