Pangloss’ Apothecary

by Gord Sellar

He thinks of stories, of reason and rhyme:
they circle around in his brain.
He sees the wretched faces of people
returning again and again.

What’s happened to his philosophy?
The best of all possible worlds, this was.
What’s happened to all his reasoned conviction
In the best of all possible worlds?

Some can’t abide the peace of it,
this cultivated land.
The things between what’s thought and seen
can turn your will to sand.

The others have tired of playing the game of
my sorrow’s bigger than yours;
Rascals turned gentlemen, now smile taking tea
with reformed bordello-whores.

What’s happened to his philosophy… (etc.)

Two capsules a day, morning and night
to take the edge off, he’s told.
There is more light, more brightness, yes,
but also, he fears, less world.

But the rosy haze is back, he smiles,
syphilitic once more and falling apart,
and Pangloss praises in syllogism
his apothecary’s art.
Yes, Pangloss praises in syllogism
his apothecary’s art.

— Jeonju, 2004.

Another song written for Dabang Band that never got recorded, but which I like the lyrics for.

February 10, 2012

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